NOT the Paint Company you think of when you see the name. We ARE a separate division of the company, doing highly specialized masonry restoration work.




Mike Courtney established the Masonry Restoration Division of Giampolini & Co. as d.b.a GIAMPOLINI COURTNEY in the year 2000. He established the business leveraging a reputation earned in managing over a thousand Bay Area and Western US projects as a regional director of one of the nations largest restoration / waterproofing companies during his 28 year career there.

GIAMPOLINI COURTNEY specializes in repair, restoration, conservation, and preservation of virtually all types of building facades, and facade elements, including but not limited to those constructed of brick, terra cotta, stone, concrete, plaster, precast and nearly all other modern curtain wall systems. The business employs a separate staff of craftspeople and supervisors highly trained and experienced in their specialty. Working with architects, owners, representatives, property managers and general contractors, we provide conventional masonry services ranging from simple repairs and maintenance, recreation of decorative terra cotta elements, to hand carving and retooling of cut stone.  We are proud to have participated in preserving many of the Bay Area's most treasured landmarks.

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