There is an amazing man that possibly is one of the most important and significant figures in San Francisco and Stanford University construction history. He is the Masonry Contractor that built the stone facades of almost every significant stone building constructed at Stanford and in San Francisco from 1897 to 1915 - before and after the earthquake in 1906. His name is John McGilvray. Why he is so little known in the local preservation community is a mystery. If you are interested in architecture and construction history in San Francisco you will want to know his story.

Most people in the industry know the stories and history surrounding the prominent architects that designed many of the buildings in our area you see pictured in links below and in the GIAMPOLINI / COURTNEY Projects links. Architects that included Pflueger, Hobart, Burnam, Root, Brown, Percy, Polk and many more. Get to know the Masonry Contractor that originally built them - John D. McGilvray.