GIAMPOLINI Workers Compensation 2019 Mod Rate .98 = Above Average Experience Rating

California's Experience Rating System

California's workers' compensation experience rating system is a merit rating system intended to provide employers a direct financial incentive to reduce work-related accidents. The experience rating system objectively distributes the cost of workers' compensation insurance more equitably among employers assigned to particular industry classifications.

The regulations governing the Experience Rating System are contained in the California Workers' Compensation Experience Rating Plan - 1995  (Experience Rating Plan). This Plan is part of the California Code of Regulations (Title 10; Chapter 5, Section 2353.1) and is approved by the Insurance Commissioner. Not all employers are eligible for experience rating. See Determining Eligibility.

An experience modification, which is expressed as a percentage, compares the loss or claims history of one company to all other companies in the same industry that are similar in size. Generally, an experience modification of less than 100% reflects better-than-average experience, while an experience modification of more than 100% reflects worse-than-average experience. Accordingly, an experience modification that is greater than 100% usually increases the cost of an employer's workers' compensation insurance premiums, while an experience modification that is less than 100% usually decreases the cost of an employer's workers' compensation insurance premiums


Kirk Williamson Corporate Director of Safety

Kirk joined our firm in 2016. He is responsible for planning, development, implementation, and coordination of all program elements to ensure safe and healthy work environments for all employees. He is also our Workers Comp claims administrator and Fleet Vehicle Safety program administrator. He routinely conducts on-site client inspections, conducts and maintains training programs for construction related equipment. He maintains and develops working relationships with clients and owners.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Reduced number of unsafe acts and conditions through education and accountability. Resurrected existing safety program and culture to lower EMR, RIR, TCR & DART.

Kirks experience includes working with several large General and Specialty Contracting firms including Swinerton Builders, The Raymond Group, Shea Homes.

He holds A.A.S. degree in Occupational Safety and Health earned at Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, AL.

DESIGNATIONS: Construction Health & Safety Technician (CHST)Safety Management Specialist (SMS). Safety Trained Supervisor-Construction (STS-C). Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist III (CEAS III). Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM).

CERTIFCATIONS & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: OSHA Authorized Trainer. CPR/AED Basic First Aid Trainer/Training Center Director (ASHI). Construction-Related Equipment Instructor/Evaluator. NIOSH Spirometry Technician. ASSE Professional. NSC Professional. FEMA National Incident Management System Certified.

VOLUNTARY PROFESSIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Safety Committee – WCB/WACA. City of Vallejo/County of Solano CERT II Battalion Coordinator. City of Vallejo Citizens Police Academy/Citizens on Patrol Volunteer. Selective Service State Board Member. Search & Rescue Volunteer (former, Santa Clara Co. Sheriff’s Office). Volunteer Firefighter (former, Central Fire District-Santa Clara Co.). USS Conyngham Association Executive Board Member (Secretary/Ships Storekeeper)

MILITARY SERVICE U.S. Navy – Honorably Discharged Veteran. Boiler Technician/Fireman (USS Conyngham DDG17). U.S. Army National Guard – Honorably Discharged Veteran. Infantry/Sergeant (2/159I-m)

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ISNetworld allows subscribed contractors to submit their company’s information one time and easily report their safety standards and performance to multiple Hiring Clients.

GIAMPOLINI has been awarded a Grade of A by ISN from 5 National and Worldwide Corporate Subscribers

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Safety Committee Jobsite Tour - Salesforce Tower

Safety Committee Jobsite Tour - Salesforce Tower

Swing Stage Scaffold Training Session - 140 New Montgomery Facade Restoration Project

Swing Stage Scaffold Training Session - 140 New Montgomery Facade Restoration Project